Momma Bear’s Mantras originated on March 11, 1993.

Creator of Mantras that protect young minds, nurture old souls and inspire all hearts to choose Love.

BEAR: Greatly respected for their bold bravery, charisma and tremendous physical presence.  Most bears are introverts and prefer solitude with the exception of Momma Bears who are the most social of the species while out and about raising and protecting  young cubs.

Sacred sounds and words creatively and intentionally aligned to create resonance with thoughts of good health and great happiness in a harmonious, meditative, memorable and perhaps even magical way.

About Suzanne. and Zack.
I began writing poems when I was a kid. I created mantras when I became a parent. I wanted a whimsical way to provoke optimism and encourage the quest for silver linings to my son, Zack. My ultimate inspiration.
The mantra project was born.

Zack was mostly grown by the time my vision had grown into Momma Bear’s Mantras.  But he’s definitely responsible for the name because every time he calls me, he starts off with, ‘What’s up Momma Bear?’.

And while they seem designed for kids… they’re just as much for the parents that read them and anyone who could use lighthearted reminders to speak good vibes into the atmosphere. Because we really do get what we give and what we send out, comes back.

Even if you don’t believe any of that… what would it hurt? There’s nothing to lose by sharing a few whimsical words of optimism and encouragement. And everything to gain.

The world is a magical place and it responds to your energetic vibe. What’s your vibe?