Mantras naturally transport you into a soothing state of optimism, hope and possibility. The mesmerizing rhythm soothes your soul, settles your mind and stays with you like childhood limericks. (think ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘One fish, Two fish’.

Words have the power to evoke emotion and positivity actually changes your physiology at a cellular level.

Positive words make powerful changes.

Our brains respond creatively to a rhyme, a rap, a song, a jingle, a beat. To Rhythm and Flow. Momma Bear’s Mantras create a relaxing experience of rhythm and flow to calm the body and focus the mind.

Mantras have long been known to shift our focus from rumination to curiosity, from worry to wonder, from WTF to what is happening right here, right now in the present moment.

Stay focused, stay calm, stay optimistic . . . stay golden. ; )