I whisper when I need to hear
words to chase away the fear
I whisper all the good things that I know

I whisper words of clarity
when my mind confuses me
I whisper kind things everywhere I go

I whisper that I’m happy, I whisper that I’m strong
I whisper that I’m bold and brave until the fear is gone

I whisper to my self, I whisper quietly
I whisper all the whispers ever whispered just for me

I whisper even after that to keep these words in mind
for if and when I ever need a whisper of this kind

A whisper is a word you know, that requires extra care
Try to whisper the word ‘whisper’ with a little bit more flare

Exhale a little longer when you begin your whispering
Make it even slower when you whisper anything

Whisper with ease, if you please, even easier
whispering this way will feel breezy, perhaps breezier

A whisper’s just a breathy word
that slows things down a bit
It wouldn’t really matter if you whispered the word ‘shit’

But whispering sweet nothings,
kind words you hold so dear
Matter most cause you know the whispers you need to hear.