Twinkle Twinkle had it’s time

Twinkle Twinkle had it’s time
One fish, Two fish too
Humpty had his tragic fall
The sheep had Boy Blue

Big Bird, Elmo, Ernie & Bert
Captain Kangarooooo
Barney, Dora & The Cat in the Hat
All shaped the ‘youngest’ You!

Catchy, clever, compassionate,
helpful in every way . . .
timeless verse
we still rehearse
Still relevant today

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Mantras naturally transport you into a soothing state of optimism, hope and possibility. The mesmerizing rhythm soothes your soul, settles your mind and stays with you like childhood limericks. (think ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘One fish, Two fish’.

Words have the power to evoke emotion and positivity actually changes your physiology at a cellular level.

Positive words make powerful changes.

Our brains respond creatively to a rhyme, a rap, a song, a jingle, a beat. To Rhythm and Flow. Momma Bear’s Mantras create a relaxing experience of rhythm and flow to calm the body and focus the mind.

Mantras have long been known to shift our focus from rumination to curiosity, from worry to wonder, from WTF to what is happening right here, right now in the present moment.

Stay focused, stay calm, stay optimistic . . . stay golden. ; )

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You Matter


You matter to me
you really do
You matter to me
and I matter to you

We matter, we two
we really do
I matter to me
and you matter to you

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I tell myself

I tell myself I love myself
each and every day
I say to me ‘I love you’
It’s what I have to say

I tell myself, ‘I got this’
I tell myself, ‘I Can!’
I tell myself, ‘I’m awesome’
because I’m my biggest fan.

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Never say never

I’ll never say never not ever, no never.
I’m much too clever to ever say never
Never makes nothing happen, never brings no one fun
Never is not a word, that inspires anyone.

I’ll find silver linings on every cloud,
rose colored glasses in every crowd.

Happy clams on every beach
and every star within my reach.

Four leaf clovers and wildflowers.
Pots of gold under rainbow showers.

So consider replacing your Nevers
with ‘perhaps’ or perhaps, a ‘maybe’.
Because words are really quite clever
your words have power you see?

There’s always a way,
another new day.
Until one day there is not.
So never say never,
wherever, whenever.
Because never is not what you thought.

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Words Matter

It matters what I say to me
It matters what I hear
Every word I mutter
has the power to appear

I matter ’cause I mutter
I mutter to be heard
it matters what I mutter
every single muttered word

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Beware clever blips


I won’t say I can’t
not even to rant
My rants about words
began not by chance

You see, as a tot
my father would not
allow such a word
with failure, so fraught

‘Can’t’ closes a door
to choices galore
and options that spur
the mind to implore

There’s always a way
may be not to day
A way that I ‘Can’
or new ways to play


Beware clever blips
as words leave your lips
‘Can’ts’ have a way of
tripping up your quips

So I won’t
No I don’t
Nor ever will I

Use this word
even slurred
It’s a lie, that’s why!



I jiggle when I wiggle
I wiggle when I walk
I wiggle walk around my block every single day

I’m groovin’ when I’m movin’
I’m movin’ and I’m provin’
that I’m ‘jiggle, wiggle, groovin’, movin’, havin’ a good day

The wiggles and the jiggles keep the groovin’ vibe alive
for every body needs a lot of movin’ to survive

The wiggles get things movin’, the jiggles keep things fun
the groovin’ keeps you provin’ things long after it’s all done!


I whisper when I need to hear
words to chase away the fear
I whisper all the good things that I know

I whisper words of clarity
when my mind confuses me
I whisper kind things everywhere I go

I whisper that I’m happy, I whisper that I’m strong
I whisper that I’m bold and brave until the fear is gone

I whisper to my self, I whisper quietly
I whisper all the whispers ever whispered just for me

I whisper even after that to keep these words in mind
for if and when I ever need a whisper of this kind

A whisper is a word you know, that requires extra care
Try to whisper the word ‘whisper’ with a little bit more flare

Exhale a little longer when you begin your whispering
Make it even slower when you whisper anything

Whisper with ease, if you please, even easier
whispering this way will feel breezy, perhaps breezier

A whisper’s just a breathy word
that slows things down a bit
It wouldn’t really matter if you whispered the word ‘shit’

But whispering sweet nothings,
kind words you hold so dear
Matter most cause you know the whispers you need to hear.

Someone like us never listens to them

Someone like you
and someone like me
once thought it cool
to be happy and free

Someone like me
and someone like you
chose to do only
what they love to do

Someone like her
and someone like him
tried to tell them
not to live on a whim

But Someone like us
never listens to those
who choose to live lives
that they never chose


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