Wish upon a Star

How do you wish upon a star?
It matters who you really are
It matters that you do believe
It matters not what they perceive

Do you close your eyes and plead?
Do you wish but then take heed?
Must you worry day and night
In fear, your wish might not take flight

When you see the star light beam
Turn your wish into a dream
Make your wish with all your might
And always keep your wish in sight!

Soul of the Apple

If you eat an apple
but not the peel
do you know how that
makes the apple feel?

It hurts to the core
which of course you don’t eat
so the soul of the apple
falls at your feet

The peel is vital
chewy and sweet
it longs to give life
out of life’s own treat

Words Matter

It matters what I say to me
It matters what I hear
Every word I mutter
has the power to appear

I matter ’cause I mutter
I mutter to be heard
it matters what I mutter
every single muttered word

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